Leave to Remain

Leave to Remain follows the story of Anwer, a Kurdish refugee attempting to start a new life for himself and his family in Ireland. Anwer enters into direct provision and soon becomes frustrated with the interminable wait for the system to verify his past and reunite him with the family he was forced to leave behind. Through the Refugee Applications Office, Anwer meets Bahman, a jaded translator who advises him to wait it out and play the system like everyone else, but Anwer’s refusal to be silenced inspires Bahman to speak out against the system he has long become accustomed to waiting for. 

  • 2017 | Treasure Entertainment
  • Director: Vincent Gallagher
  • Writer: Colin Murphy
  • Cast: Bamshad Abedi-Amin, Karim Kadjar, Orla Fitzgerald, Baran Mirza, Yalda Shahidi, Oluwole Jones, Seán Duggan, Jawhar Amini