Papi Chulo

Cast adrift in Los Angeles, Sean – a lonely TV weatherman – drives past a middle-aged Latino migrant worker standing outside a hardware store looking for work.  He decides to hire this kind-looking man – to be his friend.  Sean is young, gay and white; Ernesto, portly, straight and married.  Despite having nothing in common and the language barrier, they build a sort of friendship – until Sean becomes consumed with a deeper obsessive need.

Papi Chulo is a black comedy about loneliness and the desire to find connection across clear racial and socio-economic lines.

  • 2018 | Treasure Entertainment

  • Director: John Butler

  • Writer: John Butler

  • Cast: Matt Bomer, Alejandro Patiño

  • DoP: Cathal Watters

  • Production Design: Susannah Honey