Saltwater is a comedy drama which tells the story of a week in the life of the Beneventis, an Irish-Italian family who run a chip shop in North County Dublin.

George Beneventi (Brian Cox), a widower, is in hock to local bookie, Simon McCurdie (Brendan Gleeson). His son Frank (Peter MacDonald) has decided enough is enough. But when he takes matters into his own hands he may just be making a bad situation worse.

Saltwater premiered at Berlin, Saltwater picked up the prestigious CICAE award for Best Film

  • 2000 | Treasure Entertainment
  • Director: Conor McPherson
  • Writer: Conor McPherson
  • Cast: Brendan Gleeson, Brian Cox, Peter McDonald
  • DoP: Oliver Curtis
  • Production Design: Luana Hanson
  • Editor: Emer Reynolds